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Your brand's a great asset.  Treat it accordingly.

Is your business young?  Maybe you need to rebrand? We research all facets of your branding choices.  Roads, cities, counties, states are all available & are often a good choice.  But you have other considerations to factor into this important, early business decision.  After you've named it well, then you should properly promote & protect your brand.

Trademarks (two types), copyrights, domain names & TLD's.  Sub-domains, page titles, even "shady neighbors".  They all matter a lot!


Don't overpay for your website.  Save at Coin SEO!

We offer excellent SSL websites at reasonable prices!    Intended for established businesses, your website will be SEO optimized, SSL hosted, with advanced graphics for fast loading.  For starter websites, we have trusted business partners who will build your economical starter website in Wordpress or custom HTML & CSS.

In over 10 years we've tried it all & have arrived at the best way to construct and finish your website.  We don't use Wordpress or other "website kit" providers.  At Coin SEO we carefully craft your site with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.   eCommerce & Web3 are also available.


Be Found online today - at affordable prices!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is our bread & butter.   Really, there are over 100 factors that we add, check or balance in order to do SEO & Search Marketing (SEM).  So please don't be misled by simple "do it yourself" add-ons, or by well meaning but clueless web designers!

You need to ask for proof that they can do the job.  We put our results right on our website for you to see, updated in real time with these SEO plans.  There's absolutely no guess work with Coin SEO!


Propel your marketing with Crypto & AI methods

As our name suggests, at Coin SEO we use the power of crypto to optimize & raise your website's rank in Google, Google Maps & Social Media.  But our available Advanced Marketing goes even further!   If you don't just want to compete, but need to DOMINATE, we'll deploy more & even greater Artificial Intelligence (AI) sending you upwards to the top!  

For our enterprise clients, or if you need mezzanine funding, we can provide your business with an ERC-20 token like our very own CSEO.  Your Advanced Crypto Marketing package includes full brand coverage in .io and .eth domains (or similar).  You'll get an NFT, blockchain contract, whitepaper & initial minting for millions of your own branded tokens to use as you wish!  The credibility & PR value are unbeatable.   The upside potential?   Enormous.


Ready To Get Started? We're Here To Help.

With all of our paid packages, you get all of this.  And much more...

SEO Parameters

Website Correctness
Google Search Placement
Google Maps Listing
Social Media Interaction
Branding Integrity

What we do for you

  • Numerous tools evaluate your website for 100+ quality indices, so Google & your customers see you at your absolute best!
  • AI Crypto-dynamic research to crush your competitors!   Rise to Google Page One for many keywords.   Online graphs prove it!
  • Every business, large or small, needs at least one ranking Google Maps listing.  Our Maps experts do it right.   Period.
  • Dominate LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (X) or Instagram.   Crypto/NFT?    We do Discord,, SteemIt, or more!
  • Our branding experts put the whole package together for you - brand, logo, website, IP, marketing, SEO, your own crypto token.